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Thatchers vs. Aldi: The Clash Over Cider Trademark and Taste

“In a flavorful legal showdown, Thatchers and Aldi lock horns over a lemon cider dispute that transcends typical trademark conflicts. The dispute revolves around not just the visual resemblance but the taste similarity between Thatchers’ Cloudy Lemon Cider and Aldi’s Taurus cider. A bold move unfolds as a ‘blind taste test’ takes center stage during the trial, adding a unique dimension to the legal discourse on product resemblances. As Thatchers contends that Aldi seeks an ‘unfair advantage’ by creating a cheaper version of their drink, the courtroom drama explores whether product taste can truly amount to trademark infringement. The outcome, revealed by Judge Melissa Clarke, unveils the complexities of protecting taste in the legal arena and its implications for the competitive beverage industry.

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